Dynamic and visionary Art Director with over a decade of experience driving innovative solutions for impactful campaigns across technology, music, and fashion industries. Proven expertise in Concept Development, Brand Identity, Art Direction, and Team Leadership, dedicated to exceeding client expectations and fostering business growth.
My design journey began with a formal education in graphic design and printmaking, where I earned an Associate Degree. It was around this time that I first discovered the transformative power lying underneath digital compositions. Enamored by the ability to breathe life into static images, I delved headfirst into the world of motion graphics, immersing myself in software like After Effects and earning a Bachelor of Science Degree. My foundation in graphic design and printmaking continues to serve as a cornerstone of my creative process, lending depth and precision to my digital creations while fostering a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship and artistry inherent in every design endeavor.
Parallel to my career in design, my journey as an industrial/techno music producer and DJ spanning 18 years has profoundly influenced my perspective. Through global travels, I've cultivated a deep appreciation for diverse design languages, enriching my work with creativity and originality. These experiences converge beautifully in my long-term project: the 'Outsider Industrial Techno' record label, Valley Electroniks, where I proudly serve as the chief creative officer.
In my spare time, I am relentless in my pursuit of learning and growth. Obsessed with translating real-world visuals into digital creations, I constantly seek new skills and techniques to refine my craft and to better my ability to communicate with designers. My current focus is on mastering TouchDesigner, a powerful tool for creating interactive and immersive experiences. This relentless drive to expand my knowledge fuels my artistic endeavors and infuses fresh perspectives and innovative approaches into my professional work. Whether I'm delving into the depths of design theory or exploring the latest trends in digital media, my insatiable curiosity propels me forward, ensuring that I remain at the forefront of creativity and innovation in both my creative pursuits and professional endeavors.

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